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Making a reservation in our restaurants does not imply having a reservation in the Club area or the pool

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To guarantee the best service only reservations will be handled by phone +34 961150007 or by our reservation form.

There are no events with a closed menu for groups of less than 30 people.

When a reservation is made on the terrace if, due to adverse weather conditions, the service can not be carried out, a table inside the restaurant is not guaranteed.

If your reservation is going to include a rice or fideuà, in step 3 of this reservation you will be asked to choose the modality:


Freerange chicken and vegetables creamy rice: 14,50€

Duck, mushrooms, and artichokes creamy rice: 16,50€

Seafood creamy rice: 16,50€

Dels Bous® creamy rice. Fish creamy rice with red mullet, monkfish, and cuttlefish: 16,50€

Clawed lobster creamy rice: 22,50€


Vegetable paella: 14,50€

Baby cuttlefish and scallions paella: 15,50€

Valencian Paella. Free-range chicken, rabbit and artichokes (season): 16,50€

Duck, mushrooms and artichokes paella: 16,50€

Vermicelli with fish and seafood: 16,50€

Vermicelli with boleti and foie: 16,50€

Black rice paella: 16,50€

Senyoret paella with fish and peeled seafood: 16,50€

Dels Bous® paella. Fish rice with red mullet, monkfish, and cuttlefish: 16,50€

Clawed lobster paella: 22,50€

MINIMUM ESTIMATED PREP TIME: Valencian paella, 45 min. All fideuàs and rices but Valencian paella, 35 min

Rice dishes are for at least 2 people. There are no paella for one person. No more than 2 diferent rices for tables with 7 or more people. Only one kind of rice for tables with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people. Price per person.