Mediterranean delicatessen



  • Iberian ham

    Iberian ham Cinco Jotas 5J with bread and grated seasoned fresh tomato
  • Homemade croquettes

    boleti, Iberian ham, lobster and chicken croquettes (price per unit)
  • Spanish potato salad

    Made our way daily
  • Mushrooms and foie gras carpaccio

    with truffle juice
  • Artichoke roses

    with truffle and honey vinaigrette (seasonal product)
  • Sautéed artichokes

    Sautéed artichokes, cuttlefish and sweet potato (seasonal product)
  • Foie grass with apple compote

    Lightly-cooked caramelized foie grass with apple compote on ciabatta toast
  • Fresh vegetable and Valencian mussels tempura

    with romesco sauce
  • Assortment of cheese

    with fruit


  • Cod puffs

    over honey capuccina
  • Bay steamed Valencian mussels

    seasonal product
  • Fried calamari

    with lime and soya mayonnaise
  • Scrambled eggs made our way

    with prawns and leeks
  • Anchovies 000 Lopez from Cantabrian Sea

    on freshly grated tomato (price per unit)
  • Our Mediterranean sea bass ceviche

    with passion fruit seasoning and Valencian orange slush
  • Langoustine tartare

    with Lima style avocado
  • Octopus over potatoes

    and roasted sweet potatoes purée
  • Grilled Valencian cuttlefish

    with garlic and parsley-infused oil
  • Grilled Valencian shellfish

    seasonal product
  • Salmon and avocado tartare

    with soya and mustard mayonnaise
  • Tuna fish tartare

    with wakame seaweed and soya and mustard mayonnaise

Healthy fresh salads

And pasta

Fresh and healthy products made with care

Healthy fresh saladas

  • Valencian salad

    Lettuce, tomato, boiled eggs, tuna fish, carrots, olives, spring onions, white asparagus, and cucumber
  • Marina Beach salad

    Roast chicken, romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, croutons, and our Caesar sauce
  • Caprese salad

    Green sprouts, goat cheese, duck ham with mustard and honey vinaigrette
  • The tomato

    Valencian tomato from El Perelló, green salad, tuna belly, red onions, and picual oil


  • Clawed lobster ravioli

    with light seafood purée
  • Pesto tagliatelle

    with prawns and Galician clams

Fideuàs and


The best typical Valencian rice, the proximity to the sea and the sailor neighborhood of Cabanyal mark the Mediterranean essence of our offer

Creamy Rice

  • Freerange chicken and vegetables creamy rice

  • Duck creamy rice

    Duck, mushrooms, and artichokes creamy rice
  • Seafood creamy rice

  • Clawed lobster creamy rice

  • Dels Bous® creamy rice

    Fish creamy rice with red mullet, monkfish, and cuttlefish


  • Vegetable paella

  • Baby cuttlefish paella

    Baby cuttlefish and scallions paella
  • Valencian Paella

    Freerange chicken, rabbit, artichokes, green beans, butter beans, and snails
  • Duck paella

    Duck, mushrooms and artichokes paella
  • Black rice paella

  • Senyoret paella

    Senyoret paella with fish and peeled seafood
  • Clawed lobster paella

  • Dels Bous® paella

    Fish rice with red mullet, monkfish, and cuttlefish


  • Vermicelli with fish and seafood

  • Vermicelli with boleti and foie


MINIMUM ESTIMATED PREP TIME: Valencian paella, 45 min. All fideuàs and rices but Valencian paella, 35 min

Rice dishes are for at least 2 people. There are no paella for one person. No more than 2 diferent rices for tables with 7 or more people. Only one kind of rice for tables with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people. Price per person.

Fish, shellfish and



  • Veal sirloin steak tartare

    Veal sirloin steak tartare (120g) with mustard ice-cream
  • Free-range chicken thigh

    with thai sause and wok-sautéed vegetables
  • Grilled styled pork fillet

    with Pedro Ximénez juice
  • Grilled Galician veal tenderloin

    piquillo peppers, and French fries
  • Steak tartare

    with mustard ice-cream
  • Grilled Galician beef tenderloin

    piquillo peppers, and French fries (35 days maturing)
  • Grilled veal sirloin

    mashed potatoes, and caramelized shallots

Fish and shellfish

  • Low temperature confited Icelandish cod

    ham clear soup and fried spring onions
  • Braised Norwegian salmon back

    with curry, apple and watercress
  • Mediterranean sea bass

    with stir-fried seasonal vegetables and tapenade
  • Grilled turbot trunk

    over wild asparagus
  • Grilled red tuna

    with vegetables and Asian mojo

Our sweet touch


The best way to finish a great meal, try our desserts and sweet wines.

  • Mojito sorbet

  • Tangerine sorbet

  • Seasonal fruit assortment

  • Valencianito

    Orange juice, vanilla ice-cream and Grand Marnier
  • Chocolate brownie

    with vanilla ice-cream
  • Cheesecake

    with cranberries sauce
  • White chocolate cream

    with cookies and coffee mousse
  • Light crème brûlée

    with lemon coulis and toffee ice cream
  • Assorted mochis

    2 units
  • Hidden hazelnut ice-cream

    crunchy wafer, and chocolate
  • Fried ice-cream

    vanilla or chocolate
  • Caramelized french toast

    with orange and chocolate ice-cream
  • Caramelized millefeuille

    with cinnamon and pistachio cream
  • A bit of cheese to finish


*Bread and cutlery service (price per person)... 1,80€

Prices in euros, VAT included.


WARNING ON ALLERGENS: Due to the processes of preparing the dishes, it is not possible

to exclude the accidental presence of the following allergens (regulation EU 1169/2011): gluten, crustaceans,

eggs, fish, peanuts, soybeans, dairy products, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulfites,

sulfur dioxide and molluscs.

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